The cathartic effect of swearing…

I don’t swear that much, but like many Brits, I’m genetically pre-disposed to do it creatively.  However, my daughter is at the age where everything is recorded and repeated…  Recent examples include: "Daddy, you’re making me cross", "That smells NAAAASTY" and "faw, stinky!" (mostly applied to Logan, our trusty CTO). 

So needless to say, I’m on my best behavior whenever she’s around.

My wife and I had lunch together yesterday.  The recorder was at day-care so it was just the two of us (a rare event!).  I don’t recall what we were talking about — something that bugged me — and the conversation quickly descended into a light hearted cross between The Big Lebowski and my favorite musical of all time.

And boy did it feel gooooood.  Positively refreshing.

It’s been a long few weeks with many things going on.  We’re making some great progress on all fronts, but it’s not been without its challenges.  And like any good startup, there’s plenty of pressure.

If you’re in the same boat, I recommend letting loose for 10-15 minutes.  Get your rant on.  It’s invigorating!