Month: July 2013

Startup Perils – Git ‘er Done

Git ‘er done is a great motto (or “get the thing finished” for the non-American readers out there).

As Steve Blank says, “A startup is an organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.” Getting to that business model takes action. You won’t get there without doing things. But many startups get bogged down and simply fail to do.

Startup Perils – The Ugly Transition from “Our Team” to “That Company”

When you start something, you are an invincible team of optimists. You all have each other’s backs. Everyone goes the extra mile to GSD (get sh*t done – it’s like GTD but less hi-falutin). As a team, each one of you will work, sweat and bleed for your compatriots. In short, you work for each other.

Startup Perils – The Unconvincible are Invincible (to your charms)

Entrepreneur = Optimist That’s the simple truth. It is both the greatest power and the greatest weakness of any entrepreneur. Probably the best example is an entrepreneur’s temptation to try to convince the unconvinced. Let me give you an example.…