Startup Perils – Focus on Function, not just Form

In today’s startup perils, I want to address an increasingly common trend – focusing on form over function. It seems the new rule is MIPF – Make It Pretty First. I’m here to advocate for MIPF’s often misunderstood sibling: MIFF – Make it Functional First.

Startup Perils – Your Health

This is a little different to my usual Startup Peril posts. I am the least likely poster child for healthy living, but the simple fact is that poor behavior eventually catches up with you. If you are an entrepreneur, I’d be willing…

Startup Perils – Git ‘er Done

Git ‘er done is a great motto (or “get the thing finished” for the non-American readers out there).

As Steve Blank says, “A startup is an organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.” Getting to that business model takes action. You won’t get there without doing things. But many startups get bogged down and simply fail to do.