You know you’re a real need if… Part 2

Seems to be a theme for the week.  Another great find from the past week’s efforts was a new report by AMI Partners… 

NEW YORK—July 30, 2007—Most CEOs at small businesses (SBs, or companies with up to 99 staff) and IT managers at medium
businesses (MBs, or companies with 100 to 999 staff) now face many of the same challenges that their counterparts at large
enterprises encountered some years ago.
Apart from sheer information overload, these SMBs are finding that they need to be more productive and professional to compete
better in today’s global economy. To do this they have to sort through a vast array of sources and information to make educated
product and technology choices.

Apart from supporting our basic worldview that SMBs are a great target for what we do, the report goes on to validate a lot of our assumptions about how we reach that target market… 

It feels good to find someone else that agrees with us for a change!