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The Fist of (Innovation) Fury! – Part One

Ideas are just one part of the innovation process. That process is built on five foundational elements represented here by the Fist of (Innovation) Fury!

Truth be told, it’s more of an open handed slap than a fist, but “the open handed slap of (innovation) fury” just isn’t quite as catchy.

Embracing Innovation* – aka inviting the kid that no-one really likes to your party

(*Burning Platform required)

Embracing innovation is the corporate equivalent of inviting a cool kid you don’t really like to your birthday party. If they come to the party, you’ll probably be miserable. If they scorn you, you’ll look bad infront of all of your friends. Or at least, that’s the way it seems. **Spoiler Alert** The actual data shows that, given enough time, every successful big company innovates.