Author: Nick

And finally… Introducing the Innovation Process. (Part 1 of 3)

When talking about innovation, everyone focuses on ideas. The very meaning of innovation has become inseparable from raw ideas for most people. However, innovation is actually a process with 3 stages: ideas, development and production. The nature and tasks for each stage are quite different. Let’s explore Stage 1: The Idea Stage.

What’s in a name?

Product names serve a different purpose to company names. It sounds trite, but a product name should help sell the product. A company name should represent the company.

The Fist of (Innovation) Fury! – Part One

Ideas are just one part of the innovation process. That process is built on five foundational elements represented here by the Fist of (Innovation) Fury!

Truth be told, it’s more of an open handed slap than a fist, but “the open handed slap of (innovation) fury” just isn’t quite as catchy.