When did you last get amazing customer service?

Amazing customer service is so rare that when I experience it, it really stands out.


1.  Shaw Sanitation

Last week, I was late wheeling out the trash.  I usually try to remember to take it out the night before, but it didn’t happen.  I saw the truck go by just as I started to head for the curb.  The guys on the back of the truck saw me and had the truck back up at least 200′ just to grab my trash.


2.  Maui Jim Sunglasses

I’m a little photosensitive (perhaps because I grew up in a country where you don’t see the sun much?) so good sunglasses are something I’m willing to invest in.  I had a fantastic pair of super light weight Maui Jim’s for 18+ months when they broke.  I called their customer support line and they told me they would fix them for free if (a) they were less than 2 years old and (b) if I could find my receipt.  Needless to say I couldn’t find it.  Should’ve used Shoeboxed.  I called back and the service rep asked for the model number of the glasses.  She looked it up and told me that the style was less than 2 years old, so they would just go ahead and repair the glasses without the receipt.


3.  Apple

I’m no Apple fan boy, but I can’t imagine the following happening with HP or Dell.  I have a white MacBook that has been suffering from the dreaded cracking problem.  Even though it is two years old, Apple repaired the faulty part at no cost.


There are some common threads worth noting here. 
1. All three companies went out of their way to keep me happy. This kind of service doesn’t happen by accident — all three have clearly made a commitment to customer service.
2. The focus was on solving a problem, not passing the blame.
3. In all three cases, the front line employees were empowered to make decisions.  No bureaucracy, just action. 


How many of those traits exist in your company?