If Trivial Pursuit had a Mobile Category, this would help you win…

My last post about Open Mobile, I promise.

During the 2 day event, there were a number of fascinating stats that were thrown out.  Here they are, in no particular order, for your number noodling pleasure.

1.    Over 3 Billion mobile phones exist worldwide.
2.    1.3 Billion were sold in 2007.  To give you context, in the same year 800M cars were sold, 850M personal computers and 1.5B televisions.
3.    In the US there are 260M mobile subscribers. 200M are signed up for SMS and 100M have mobile web access.  Of those 100M actually use SMS and 44M actively use mobile web.
4.    In developing countries, an increase of 10 mobile phones per 100 people has been shown to lead to a 0.6% increase in GDP.
5.    The increase in power demand in handsets is increasing 25% year over year.
6.    The increase in power density is increasing 5% year over year.

And finally, my favorite stat…

7.    49% of the devices purchased in the past six months are 3G capable, smartphones, or 3G smartphones.

As the saying goes, chew on that!