Low Bridges & Why Startups Should Behave Like Vectors, not Scalars…

Cast your mind back to high school math (sorry). Scalars have magnitude e.g. driving at 30mph. Vectors have magnitude and direction e.g. driving at 30 mph due east.

One of my recent consulting gigs has been a constant reminder of how startups can fall in to the trap of treating effort like a scalar quantity, not a vector.

It is incredibly important to be applying effort and running fast in a startup. You want to be traveling at 100 mph all the time. But just as important as speed is direction. Running fast in the wrong direction (or worse, with no direction) is a waste of time, energy and morale.

And when you pick your direction, it is just as important to plan how you’ll get from starting point A to end point B.

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across a great visual example of why direction and planning are important. Get direction and plan your route, and hopefully your startup won’t share this truck’s fate…

Yes, that\'s a LOW BRIDGE

Yes, a low bridge apparently works like a can-opener on your average truck.

Truck Size Can-Opener?

P.s. For the worry-warts out there, other than the truck, no-one was hurt…