Traction, Twinkies & Ticks…


It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’m trying to catch up on my blogging.  

A couple of weekends ago, we all went to the State Fair — a thinly veiled agricultural show.  I’m not a huge fan of such things, but nothing holds my daughter’s attention better than the prospect of a petting zoo.

And in all seriousness, I find it useful to get out of the technologically-oriented world I live & work in.  It’s good to get your baseline reset every so often. 

There were three principal things I learned from/was reminded of by this event:

  1. Traction is not an overused Web 2.0 word.  It’s actually a real word with a real meaning.  And it sure comes in handy when you’re doing a tractor pull.
  2. Fried Twinkies Rock!  Yes, I was as surprised by that as you probably are reading it.  I bought one more or less on a dare and it was fabulous.  I have no idea how or why it could possibly taste as good as it did. Something to do with the melting point of plastic, lead paint and transfat no doubt…
  3. Ticks are evil.  My daughter got her first, probably from the afore-mentioned petting zoo.  We discovered it pretty quickly but good lord do those things drill in.  As non-native North Carolinians, my wife and I were pretty freaked out by the whole thing.  But apparently Rocky Mountain Fever is more likely than Lyme disease.  How’s that for comforting?

So all in all, Fried Twinkies yes.  Everything else, not so much.  My daughter did find the cow poop pretty hysterical though…