Life, the Universe and Everything is weirdly lumpy…

I need a new phrase.  You’re doubtless familiar with the old adage "it never rains but it pours".  It’s usually taken as a bad thing — you don’t just get a drop of rain, you get buckets of water.

But I’ve found that good things happen in much the same way…and I don’t have a good phrase for "sometimes good things happen in bunches".

I’ve consistently found that life, the universe and everything tends to unfold in a rather odd, clustered  & lumpy manner.  Today was a great example.

In just one day:

  • One of the investors we’ve been talking to has committed to taking some serious next steps (we’re still some distance from a term sheet, but this was a big formal step forward)
  • We gained a provisional commitment for some modest (but useful) friends & family style funding
  • I reconnected with a very experienced executive I haven’t talked to in 10+ years.  This guy is a superstar with a ton of experience in some key markets we play in and a rolodex that would blow your mind.  You’d probably recognize the names of all of the companies on his resume.
  • We got an email from another person we respect and will be meeting with him soon

and on the personal front, my newly arrived niece is now safely at home and doing well.  She arrived quite a few weeks early but is doing incredibly well.  Go Carmen!

And all of this after weeks of silence on a number of fronts.  The product has been moving forward nicely but in entrepreneur time-warp land, it’s felt as though things have been slow of late.

Not any more!