More Facebook bitchin’ ‘n’ moanin’…

My battle with appreciating Facebook continues… 

As I’ve mentioned before, there are a number of things I really don’t like about the way Facebook works (see my post about becoming a Facetard).

But then every so often I read something that I think is really smart, like this news about a new JavaScript library for Facebook apps.  As I understand it, the Facebook api is now available via any web site, in other words, you can embed any Facebook app into any website. 

If Facebook wants to be a platform, this is a very smart move.  It’s also great for Facebook application developers who want to spread their wings outside the closed world of Facebook.

However, this kind of smart long range/big picture thinking is entirely at odds with my experiences actually using the site.

Case in point, my efforts today to add an MP3 to a Facebook profile.  Allow me a small digression…  The other day we were driving home from the mall after a fairly long day.  My daughter was overtired, over-excited and probably over-sugared.  Half-way home she launched into a fairly bizarre version of "Old MacDonald", most of which I recorded on my cell phone.

Highlights include "Old MacFarm had a Donald" and "Daddy had a quack quack… and a computer" and (weirdly) "and then there’s spiderman!!!".

Anyway (proud Dad moment is over, normal programming resumes), I was trying to add an MP3 of the
monologue to my wife’s Facebook profile.  A quick search found a basic MP3 player app.  I installed it and went to upload the file.  See the image below:


The only obvious button to press is the "Continue" button, right?

No.  That leads you to some ad for a paid service to discover your secret crush.  Great.  And now I have to reload the file into the MP3 app.

I mean COME ON.  You have a big friggin’ button labeled "Continue" at the top of the page.  The second biggest button is the "Tell My Friends" (aka the Make-me-a-Facetard button).  Is it really that damn hard to make an "All Done" button and put it where some old duffer like me can find it?

So yeah, my personal jury on Facebook is out.  Really out.  Maybe I should Tell My Friends. <sigh>.

P.s.  If you want to share my Proud Dad Moment, here you go: