The Last Post of 2007…

This one will be short and sweet as I’m a bit fuzzy thanks to the ~9 hour flight back from the UK.  In keeping with the impending New Year, a good old fashioned Top 10 list seems like the way to go.

Since I triple-U’d Heathrow (three people in a row were helpful, which is Unlikely, Un-nerving and likely to be Unrepeatable), I’m feeling optimistic.

All of which means I’ll skip the bad parts of 2007 and go straight to the top ten best parts of the year.  Since I’m being lazy, it’s a mix of business and personal.

Let me begin…

10. Seeing our logo for the first time
9.   Selling my house in AZ before the market really really imploded (I still took a beating, but nothing like the one I’d be taking now)
8.   Getting settled in North Carolina (and finally living in just one place at a time)
7.   Finding some fantastic board members
6.   Hearing from my sister and her better half that they’re expecting a baby girl just before my birthday next year

5.   Seeing the first ugly version of Unifyr come to life
4.   Getting Brad Feld’s attention

And purely for dramatic purposes, here’s a quick pause before hitting the final three…

3.   Seeing Logan shepherd the development and implementation of the ideas we’ve been talking about for 15 months.
2.   Watching my daughter change from a wriggly but cute spit-up machine into a vocal thinking walking talking funster.
1.   The unbelievable support I’ve had from my wife.  She’s a rockstar.

2008 will be an interesting year in Monkey Land.  May it bring new and exciting things to all of you!