Put Up or Shut Up…

Last post before the holiday.

I’m a fan of "put up or shut up" philosophy: if you don’t like something, take steps to change it or quit moaning about it.

Early stage funding for NC-based software startups is a mess.  By early, I mean pre-revenue / trying to get to a proof-of-concept.  So very very very early by VC standards and merely very very very early by Angel standards.

Back in April, Dharmesh Shah posted some interesting thoughts on yCombinator and early stage funding at Onstartups.com.  In case your click-finger is inoperable, the gist of it was that Dharmesh committed to putting some modest early stage funds on the table.  It wasn’t much — just $15k — but that’s more than enough to get a ball rolling for the right kind of team.

So in the spirit of PuSu, I’m going to make a commitment:

Once disruptorMonkey is profitable, I will set aside funds to do the same thing.  It may only be one company a year, but we will figure out a way to make it work. 

Now it may take 2-3 years for us to get there, so don’t email me about it today… But consider this a promise I intend to keep.

And if I can convince other local entrepreneurs to do the same thing, maybe we can start moving the needle and get this area moving.