What can you do?

In previous posts I’ve talked about about what I’d like to see happen here.  I strongly believe that RTP is a great area with a ton of potential  The recent Startup Weekend in Chapel Hill confirmed my opinions about the depth and range of talent here.  And that’s not the only indicator…

I had lunch with an undergrad student today.  He’s already started one company and is anxious to do many more.  He also wants to create a focal point for students interested in entrepreneurship.  When I was his age, I think I was mostly focused on how my bar tab was getting paid.  So (a) I feel old, (b) I’m wondering where I wasted so much time, and (c) I’m impressed.

Back to my point.  What can you do?  A lot!

It just takes a few disruptive folks to band together with a purpose and things can be changed for the better.  Sure, we can all sit around and bitch about early stage funding, but that doesn’t help.  Building a community that attracts attention might.  So I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: if you want to connect, reach out. 

While on that topic, does anyone want to start an Open Coffee Club?

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  1. November 10, 2007 at 5:38 pm

    Nick, good seeing you at Caribou last weeek!

    I don’t think the problem in this area is that we don’t have a Open Coffee Club. Rather, it seems like we have too many of them–and one is not necessarily aware of the others.

    For example, we have an Entrepreneurship meetup every couple of weeks that draws 20-30 folks from around the area organized by Ryan Allis(iContact). Yet, I did not see anyone that comes to that meetup at the startupweekend.

    We’ve to figure out a way to bring together all these different groups in the area. I’m pretty impressed by the progress that the area’s made in the past couple years so may be as more time goes by, the different groups will become aware about others and we as a region will become more close knit.

    What I am really aching for at this moment is a hacker meetup–where tech folks come together and talk technology.


  2. DisMonkey
    November 11, 2007 at 11:17 pm

    Hi Zaid — thanks for the comment.

    I think you make a fair point. To use a bad analogy from high school chemistry, I think we have a super-saturated solution. It just needs something to crystallize around and a lot of things will suddenly appear from nowhere.

    What I like about Open Coffee in particular is that (like Startup Weekend) it’s open to a wide range of people, not just biz dev, or coders, or bloggers or … While highly targeted events are very useful, I think cross-pollination can lead to some interesting results too.

    A good place to start may be just a centralized calendar that anyone can put events on…

    Food for thought.

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