More Functionality than an 8 year old could handle…

Behold: The 10 in 1 Junior Electronics Lab!


So yes, I was a nerdy kid.  But this "laboratory" was a wealth of  technological whizzyness.  Not only was it crammed with 14 crazy electronic components, it was chock full of fantastic, almost Confuscian, worldly advice: "most of the interconnecting wires can be the short ones; in cases where the wires do not reach, use the longer wires."  And my other favorite "this will assure that a leaky battery will not damage your unit."  Not sure I was worried about my unit at such a tender age, but their concern was comforting nonetheless.

And the point of this marvel?  10 different projects, ranging from a simple crystal radio to a broadcasting radio station (less impressive than it sounds, sadly) to a high-falutin home burglar alarm.

Heady stuff.

I can clearly remember hurling a damn long piece of wire into a very tall tree in my parent’s back yard and actually being able to hear european radio on my bakelite headphones (hey, I’m not _that_ old, they just happened to be lying around).

Jokes aside, this little kit rocked.  It’s probably the clearest thing I can point to as the starting point of my interest in all things technical.

If I ever find it again, it’s going in a shadow box on the wall 😉