Holiday Reflection Time: When to stop?

This is written in the spirit of taking a day of rest and reflection for the Labor Day holiday…

I’ve been known to have the problem of "not knowing when to stop".  If something seems like a good deal for all involved, I’m loath to let sleeping dogs lie.  In fact it would be more accurate to say that I’d rather call the sleeping dogs, get them out of bed and persuade them to come grab dinner and a beer.

But then I never want to be one of "those" kind of sales guys.

My current dilemma pertains to funding.  We’re currently chasing our Series-A funding.  Since we are early stage (specifically, the fact that we are pre-revenue), there are a limited number of VCs that it makes sense for us to talk to.  Other than the local VCs we’re talking with, there are a few that we’ve heard very good things about, and one or two that seem like an almost perfect fit.

Like good entrepreneurs, we’ve figured out ways to get on their radar and pulled a few sneaky marketing tricks.  So the VCs concerned know we exist and have copies of our basic pitch.  But now we’re in "waiting for a response" limbo and my inner salesman is getting restless.

So, if you are one of those VCs and want to be left alone, let us know.  If you’re open to some creative cajoling, we’ll get on it.

It reminds me of dating — we’re sitting here biting our nails hoping you’ll see us the same way we see you.

P.s.  Thanks to my wonderful wife for providing an excellent outcome to my last dating experience.  I can only hope funding turns out so well!