Growing Up: Our first real press coverage.

Big steps for a baby company… Today saw our first official piece of press coverage by Allan Maurer of Techjounal South.

You can read the piece here:

In addition to the various people named in the article, there are a number of others than have been incredibly helpful during my relocation to the Triangle area and our company’s earliest stages of growth. 

In the interests of preserving some privacy, I’ll stick to first names, but a big thanks goes out to: Adam, Brooks, Cathy, Dhruv, Fred S., Jason S., John F., Peter, Robert and Zack.  Thanks also to Gary and my long-suffering friend Jim.  Last, but never least, thanks to the incredibly supportive spouses of our founding team.

As you’d imagine, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes in preparation for our debut at CED’s Venture 2007 Conference next week.  If you’d like to meet up with us and find out more about what we’re up to, please send an email to hello AT disruptormonkey dot com.

More news soon…