Quick, Slow, Quick Quick Slow…

Starting a business is a strange process of start, stop, quick, slow.  At disruptorMonkey, we’ve spent the last few months defining what exactly we do and mapping out our technology and we’re making some good progress.  Some days never seem long enough — there are great ideas and a million things seemingly left unfinished.  But then other days seem to tick by so slowly they’re maddening.

The whole process is like being a blind lasso artist.  You throw a rope and pull on it.  Sometimes you know roughly where to throw and other times you’re just guessing.  Pretty often at first the rope just comes away in your hand and you’ve got nothing to show for your efforts. 

Sometimes it seems to catch something solid only to slip off at the last minute and leave you with nothing more than the sense that something was within reach and you missed it.

But just often enough, you catch on something solid and suddenly an idea drops into place.  And for me, that’s the high that makes building this thing fun.

In other news, we’ve just been selected to present at CED’s Venture 2007 in April – our first public appearance!