Data Superabundance — the coming storm

The amount of data in our lives is out of control.

The last 30 years has seen explosive growth in the amount of data being created by individuals and corporations — that’s something we all know.

But data isn’t just abundant, it’s superabundant.

For the skeptics out there who can smell a marketing guy at 100 paces, superabundance is a real word. defines it as "exceedingly or excessively abundant; more than sufficient; excessive".  And that’s what data is today, and it’s only going to get worse.

Data Superabundance…  You may not have heard the term yet, but you’ve definitely had the experience.

What’s more, you’re not alone. The good folks at IDC ( just completed a new study: A Forecast of Worldwide Information Growth Through 2010 — IDC, March 2007.

Here are some highlights to make your head spin:

“In 2006, the amount of digital information created, captured, and replicated was … about 3 million times the information in all the books ever written.”

Not Exorcisting yet?  Try this instead:

“The digital universe in 2006 could be likened to 12 stacks of books extending from the Earth to the sun. By 2010 the stack of books could reach from the sun to Pluto and back…”

And for the hardcore math-heads out there:

“The estimated CAGR is 57%…”

That’s a lot of growth.  Data Superabundance: now we’ve named the beast, lets see what can be done to tame it.